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Why Choose a Portable Blender
Why Choose a Portable BlenderLont portable blender, small blender, I have been using it for almost half a year, and I am basically familiar with it before I come to the evaluation. I feel that I also use a small blender of the same type. Lont's large portable blender really exercises arm strength. I
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The thoughtful design of the Lont Portable Blender
The thoughtful design of the Lont Portable BlenderTo prevent accidental slipping and scalding during use, the bottom is also designed with four silicone contacts to better fix the fuselage. It can be clearly seen from the picture below that there are gaps between the several arcs at the bottom. This
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Portable Blender Design
Portable Blender DesignWith the improvement of most people's living standards, household electrical appliances have also been updated. Soymilk machines in the early years are now gradually replaced by blenders. Here, I would like to first popularize the difference between a soymilk machine and a ble
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Why choose a chopper
Why choose a chopperFortunately, with the advancement of technology, all kinds of home appliances can help people easily solve various problems in life. For example, the Lont’s multi-functional chopper is a good choice. With the functional design of double bowls and double knives, all-in-one food pr
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Notes on using a chopper
Notes on using a chopperI bought a chopper of another brand and pulled it manually with a rope, which was more laborious. Lont's chopper is better, it can be charged, there are two kinds of cutter heads, the operation is very simple, garlic, pepper, onion, etc. can be easily done~I have been looking
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