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Why choose a chopper

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Why choose a chopper

Fortunately, with the advancement of technology, all kinds of home appliances can help people easily solve various problems in life. For example, the Lont’s multi-functional chopper is a good choice. With the functional design of double bowls and double knives, all-in-one food preparation/minced meat, fast and delicate three-dimensional whipping, and patented sealing cover to keep fresh, parents can cook. Free your hands, save worry and effort, and enjoy a healthy and convenient quality life.

The following is the list


body friendly


In the past, no matter cutting meat or chopping green onion, ginger and garlic, we used a set of kitchen utensils, which were very easy to smell and unsanitary. The chopper is different. It is equipped with double bowls and double knives. The four-bladed knife is paired with a 2L large-capacity glass bowl, which can be used for whipping meat and vegetables. The two-bladed knife is paired with a 0.35L exquisite small bowl for whipping Seasoning, healthy classification to prevent odor so that parents can eat healthier.

Cooking and preparing ingredients is a very laborious technical task, especially during the New Year and the festival, when my mother is busy preparing various festive foods, she is either chopping meat or vegetables all day, and making various seasonings and sauces. , and I can only watch it because of my poor cooking skills.

With a multi-purpose chopper, cooking is much easier. It can not only grind minced meat and vegetables, but also whip up condiments, sauces, hot pot dipping sauces, and baby food supplements, freeing up both hands. Parents like to eat dumplings, just put the pork belly, vegetables, eggs, green onions, cornstarch, salt, and soy sauce into a large bowl and twist into a filling, put garlic, ginger, vinegar, sesame oil or chili oil into a small bowl and stir Once the dipping sauce is made, the ingredients are basically ready, and there is no need to laboriously chop stuffing, smash garlic, and smash chili peppers. It is very practical for a kitchen novice like me to help.

body friendly

As parents grow older, they prefer easy-to-digest food, which requires more delicate handling of ingredients. The chopper is equipped with a double-layer S-shaped blade. With the powerful power of 300W, it can quickly grind a pound of meat in 6 seconds, and the three-dimensional whipping is fast and delicate. Parents like to use it to make seasonal vegetable chicken rolls, pumpkin paste, three fresh dumplings, garlic Delicious foods such as prawn balls and steamed yam patties are not only good in taste, but also easier to digest.

Even better, this multi-functional chopper is equipped with two patented sealing covers, one large and one small, which can be placed under the bowl as a non-slip pad when whipping ingredients. Put it in the refrigerator and take it whenever you want, without the need for temporary preparation, which is more in line with the dining habits of both parents. Moreover, its knife head, silicone cover, and glass bowl can be easily disassembled and washed, and it can be washed with water, which makes cleaning more worry-free.

Our parents raised us to grow up and worked hard all their lives. In fact, they did not expect luxury cars, delicacies from mountains and seas, and famous brand clothes, but hoped that they would no longer work hard for life. With the company of the chopper, help parents to free their hands when cooking and prepare materials, and enjoy the convenience and comfort brought by technology at any time. Incorporate love for parents into three meals a day, and start with taking care of their daily life. This kind of care is more intimate.




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