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Why Choose a Portable Blender

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Why Choose a Portable Blender

Lont portable blender, small blender, I have been using it for almost half a year, and I am basically familiar with it before I come to the evaluation. I feel that I also use a small blender of the same type. Lont's large portable blender really exercises arm strength. It's big and heavy, and it's really not suitable for handling. I just have to work out of town and can't go home for the weekend, so I plan to buy a small portable blender.

Why choose Lont's blender

I have seen a lot of small wall portable blenders, about 300ml, all claiming to be just one cup, very suitable for one person, and lightweight. However, on second thought, one cup might not be enough for me personally! And, what if you want to drink more, or share with a roommate or friend? That's not embarrassing. Therefore, I enlarged the demand and chose a size of 500-600ml. I have to say, it was a wise choice. This wall portable blender is a touch panel and has 6 functions including soy milk, flower tea, grains, fruits and vegetables, and rice paste. The 2-layer 4-leaf stainless steel wall-breaking knife smashes finely, and at the same time stimulates the hidden nutrients of vegetables and fruits, healthy and delicious. It only takes 22 minutes to present a pot of nutritious and delicious stomach-warming soy milk. The sound of this mini wall portable blender will not affect daily rest and work at all. And the fuselage is compact and does not occupy a lot of space and can be placed anywhere, and it is not difficult to pour juice. The most commonly used function is the soymilk function. The ground soymilk is filter-free, slag-free, and smelly, and the 400ML light meal capacity is just right for 1-2 people to drink together, and it will not be wasted after one drink.


Quite light. It is also very convenient to make soy milk at first, about 30 minutes, both dry beans and wet beans can be used. It looks like 2 cups when you type, the cup is an ordinary drinking cup, 300ml. The taste difference between dry beans and wet beans is not too big, and the residue of wet beans will be less. Compared with the big wall portable blender, the taste is not so delicate and mellow, but it is acceptable.

Portable Considerations

But when it comes to juice, the problem arises. Because the cup is relatively small, it is almost enough to put a small apple. If you want to put something else, it will be difficult. Especially if you want to put vegetables, a few slices are very difficult - there is not so much space. At the same time, the leaves can easily wrap under the knife edge, causing idling! And more water! It really takes a lot of effort to make a glass of vegetable juice. Those 300ml smaller wall portable blenders, I really don't know how to use them! Of course, if you just hit a few strawberries or small pieces of watermelon, and you don’t mind hitting a few more times, a small amount of time is fine.

Finally, to sum up, I will buy this small wall portable blender, mainly because the previous wall portable blender is a bit heavy and large, and I can buy a smaller professional wall portable blender at the beginning. This small and lightweight product is a daily supplement. It is enough to drink only soy milk and rice cereal, and it is very convenient.




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