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Notes on using a chopper

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Notes on using a chopper

I bought a chopper of another brand and pulled it manually with a rope, which was more laborious. Lont's chopper is better, it can be charged, there are two kinds of cutter heads, the operation is very simple, garlic, pepper, onion, etc. can be easily done~I have been looking for a chopper that can also chop minced garlic and mince meat. This chopper can be used many times after charging. It’s really good. I don’t want to chop it by hand. It is very uniform, there are no large pieces of garlic, and finally you can free your hands, and your hands will not have the smell of garlic. Except for garlic, you can also make dumplings, meat and vegetables. It's all good. You can also give children carrots and vegetables as complementary food. So how to choose a suitable chopper? There are the following aspects for your reference。

The following is the list

Look at the material

Listen to the noise

Look at the material

Generally, the inner tank of household chopper is made of glass, stainless steel, and plastic. The glass is beautiful but easy to break. Many people choose stainless steel, but they must choose food-grade 304 stainless steel chopper.

After all, the chopper is in direct contact with food. If it is plastic, it must be made of PP, which is a food-grade material like a baby bottle.

Listen to the noise

By listening to the noise, you can roughly know whether the performance of this chopper is good or not. Generally, the motor of the household chopper with good performance is of high quality, which runs fast but does not make much noise.

Further reading: Considerations when using a household chopper

1. Because the household electric chopper is a special machine for mincing meat, the blade is very sharp. Be careful not to get hurt when using it. When cleaning, hold the position of the intermediate shaft, so as to avoid being cut.

2. The household electric chopper is mainly used for ground meat, but it can also stir other ingredients, such as fruits, vegetables or some particles similar to peanuts. But avoid stirring things that are more difficult to stir so as not to damage the blades.

3. For the meat-grinding method of the household electric chopper, it is stirred by grinding the minced meat. We only need to cut the meat into strips and put it into the machine for stirring. The meat produced in this way is filamentous, and there is no need to cut it by yourself. It saves time and effort, helps us cut meat quickly, and is a good helper in the kitchen.

4. When we use the household electric chopper, it is recommended that you stop every 20 seconds, so as to ensure the effect of the machine and prevent the motor from overheating and producing peculiar smell. If you find any abnormal situation, you must stop using it immediately, and wait until the chopper cools down before using it. Note that the continuous use time cannot exceed 1 minute.

5. Soak the blade part with warm water with detergent, then clean and wipe it with a soft cloth. If there are places that are not clean, including the corners, you can use a toothbrush to brush back and forth several times.




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