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The thoughtful design of the Lont Portable Blender

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The thoughtful design of the Lont Portable Blender

To prevent accidental slipping and scalding during use, the bottom is also designed with four silicone contacts to better fix the fuselage. It can be clearly seen from the picture below that there are gaps between the several arcs at the bottom. This design is for heat dissipation to prevent the internal temperature of the fuselage from being too high to affect the operation of the machine. In addition, a 1.2m extended power cord is also thoughtfully designed, which reduces the troubles of a large number of people.

The follow is the list

Use advantage


The power interface of this portable blender is the same as other portable blenders. For safety reasons, it is located under the body to prevent liquid from accidentally entering and damaging the body. The product patent trademark is also affixed to the power interface, and the authenticity can be verified by scanning the code. Here, I have to emphasize its most outstanding "housekeeping skills" - four-leaf stainless steel blade. The cutter head can perform double cutting, fully tearing the cell wall, and with the four-edged spoiler column, it can effectively reduce the dead angle of cutting. Just hearing the name of this blade makes me feel very high-end. The small blade is quite big. Wear-resistant and durable, sharper and tougher than ordinary ones, the quality and performance are absolutely no problem.

Use advantage

Immediately afterwards, I couldn't wait to try its power. According to the description, Lont's portable blender does not need to soak beans in advance. It can be directly poured into the beans and boiled directly. It only takes 26 minutes to get a cup of sweet, rich and mellow soy milk. Below is the image I tried. Let's see if it really has such great power. The result really lived up to expectations. The soymilk produced has almost no bean dregs, and the taste is delicate and smooth, which is extremely delicious.

By the way, the product is also equipped with a measuring cup. You can use the measuring cup to roughly estimate before making it, and the taste of the finished product will be better. In addition, I also made orange juice, cut the orange into small pieces, and added some purified water. , then power on. Select Juice to start the portable blender. Be careful to put less water here. The effect is good, and the taste is very good. It is really good to supplement vitamin C in summer. Most of the ordinary portable blenders use stainless steel liner, which is easy to produce scale, which is troublesome when cleaning, and the cleaning is not in place. Lont's portable blender is made of food-grade 304 stainless steel liner, with 3mm thick boron glass, delicate and durable, high quality, and easy to clean.


This wall breaking machine is really the new darling of today's wall breaking industry. "Although the sparrow is small and has all the internal organs", regardless of its small size, other portable blenders have all the functions, and they are basically superior in all aspects. Overall, it really has to be praised. The only shortcoming may be that the capacity is not large, but it is completely no problem to meet the needs of an adult, and it is very suitable for petty bourgeoisie, student parties and unique groups. I especially like the appointment function of the portable blender, which greatly facilitates my life. For me in the late stage of lazy cancer, I really can sleep until I wake up naturally every day. When it comes to quality and performance, I have to praise it. No matter what kind of food, it can be perfectly broken and finely ground, and there will be no debris at all, and the ground product is rich and delicious.




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