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Chopper cleaning and selection

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Chopper cleaning and selection

When there is a chopper at home, there is no need to buy minced meat, and it is very convenient to complete the steps of mincing meat directly at home. However, although mincing meat is convenient, cleaning is very troublesome. Today, the editor organized the chopper. The cleaning method of the device, I hope it is useful to everyone.

The following is the list

Chopper cleaning method

How to choose a chopper

Chopper cleaning method

1. Rinse

Before each use of the chopper, it is necessary to briefly rinse it. Generally speaking, the chopper is cleaned in time after the last use, and the cleaning before use is mainly to flush out the floating dust inside and outside the machine. Another benefit is that rinsing before use makes mincing easier and smoother, as well as making cleaning after work less hassle.

2. Cleaning

First prepare clean toothbrushes, test tube brushes and other auxiliary supplies, then disassemble the machine in the opposite direction, clean out the minced meat in the machine cavity, and then soak the chopper in warm water containing detergent, use Toothbrush, etc. Clean all parts one by one, and then rinse twice with tap water. Put it in a cool and ventilated place to control dry.

3. Wash with food

You can put some bread and steamed buns in the meat grinder after grinding the meat, and then you can take out the grease and minced meat left in the meat, and then it is easy to clean. The pasta used to clean the meat grinder will not go to waste and can be used for croquettes. It is best to disassemble and clean the meat grinder after a period of time in summer, so that the cleaning is thorough.

How to choose a chopper

1. Look at the appearance

When checking the appearance of the household chopper, you should pay attention to whether the appearance is not too large, whether the material of the product is smooth, smooth and free of peculiar smell, and whether the production process is fine and free of obvious defects. In addition, it is recommended that you focus on the meat grinder product with split design in order to get a better and more convenient cleaning effect.

2. Function

The more functions, the higher the usage rate. The chopper generally has the following functions: stirring meat, cleaning enema, grinding sauce and shredding vegetables, cutting, slicing, etc. If it has a variety of functions, if it does not stir the meat, it also has a high utilization rate and is not easy to idle.

3. Noise

Noise is also an element to be considered. The lower the better, the better. It is best to ask the store owner to know about the noise during operation. Generally, a high-quality chopper runs fast but the noise is not very loud. Generally, the noise of more than 60 decibels will immediately make people feel very noisy.

Minced meat is easier to eat. For friends with elderly people at home, it is very convenient to have a chopper at home. The cleaning method of the chopper has been listed. You can refer to it when cleaning the chopper.




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